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Vote the Maastricht People’s Party on 21 March
To Look at Each Other

With the Omzien naar Elkaar (To Look at Each Other) program, the Maastricht People’s Party wants to make the difference in Maastricht.
In the forthcoming four years, 2018-2022, The Maastricht People’s Party invites the students to express their wishes and concerns regarding their stay in Maastricht. The Party’s election program reflects its points of view in this regard:
The arrival of the University in Maastricht in 1976 was very welcome.
However, the Community had to get used to all customs
and facilities needed to turn this city around to a real student city.
Housing, learning, nightlife and parking had to be adjusted.
The student must feel comfortable here.
The Maastricht People’s Party is of the opinion that municipal politics has also changed rapidly. ”
Nevertheless, the MV continues to argue for the following points
in our 2018-2022 election program:
Continuously monitor the quality of student housing.
Good balance between students and other residents in the city.
Ensure affordable housing for students
Periodic consultation with the municipality, university and student association on general student policy, education, nuisance, parking.
The city must accept that students have their own customs in nightlife and students must take into account that they are guests in an old monumental city with narrow streets.
The MV party wants to be a listening ear in order to promote contacts between the municipality, student associations and neighborhood committee.
Special attention must be given to the international students to learn about the habits and use here.
MV hopes that it clicks so much between what they learn and experience in Maastricht that many make the choice to settle here permanently
That is why on 21 March you will vote for the Maastricht People’s Party
Jan Hoen Party leader and group chairman of the Maastricht People’s Party


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